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Get rid of those unsightly warts once and for all with the medical laser treatment option available at Wilson Foot Health Clinic.  No referral is necessary. 


The total treatment is comparable to the cost of other, ineffective methods.  Laser treatments are safe and effective for all ages. Call for your appointment today.



Plantar Warts

Plantar warts usually occur on the sole of the foot and are contagious. 

Plantar warts can affect people of any age as the virus can exist wherever you go barefoot.  Areas that are wet or damp (shower stalls, pools, gyms, hot tubs, spas, dojos, dance studios, etc.) can often harbor the virus, which can easily be communicated within families. 


The plantar warts are unsightly and can be painful, affecting work, inhibiting lifestyle and recreational activities for prolonged periods.

Traditional treatment methods would commonly take months and be painful.  Plantar warts would be treated with freezing by liquid nitrogen in most doctors’ offices.  Since the wart is embedded in the sole of the foot and insulated, this treatment is generally ineffective and painful. 

The Wilson Foot Health Clinic now offers a significantly better treatment option with the Fotona XP Focus medical laser.  Clinical research shows wart removal with this medical laser to be effective in an unprecedented 96% cure rate. 



The treatment itself is relatively comfortable compared to other methods.  There is no pain or discomfort after the laser treatment, so there is no down time.  Treatment is relatively quick and warts can be effectively removed in 1-4 treatments. 


Children can have 1-2 treatments weekly and adults can have up to 4.  This means a much faster course of treatment than traditional methods.

Laser wart removal is safe, effective and well tolerated.  It is also a fast course of treatment and offers a much higher cure rate.  Clinical studies show that the laser treatment has no known side effects and there were no recurrences of the warts that were removed.