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Fungal nail disease treatment in Oakville and Burlington OntarioThe Fotona XP Focus medical laser has an 83%-94% success rate in eradicating nail fungus, according to two 2 year international research studies. 


Call for an appointment to begin your treatments and be rid of your nail fungus.  No referral is necessary.  Total treatment costs less than one dental crown! 

This professional fee is not covered under OHIP, but may be a benefit under your Extended Health Insurance Plan.


Nail fungus treatment machine in Burlington

Fungal Nail Disease Treatment

Fungal Nail Disease

Onychomycosis, or fungal nail disease, is a very unsightly condition.  It is also a contagious disease that can infect other family members; cross-infect to your finger nails; infect the skin on your feet causing Athlete’s Foot and breakdown the natural defense your skin provides against other types of infection.  This disease can also lead to more serious complications for Diabetics.

Traditionally, fungal nail disease has been very challenging to treat. Oral medications are sometimes prescribed.  The oral medications have several potentially serious side effects, including toxicity to your liver. 

The Wilson Foot Health Clinic now offers Medical Laser treatments for fungal nail disease.  The main benefit is that the medical laser safely kills parasitic fungi on infected nails.  The treatment is fast – generally once per week for 4 weeks.  No topical or oral medications are needed and there are no known side effects. 

The treatment protocol involves laser pulses applied to all 10 nails - since resident fungal spores can be on (what appears to be) healthy nails.  The nails are treated with laser three times in one session.  The treatment sessions last about 30 minutes and are conducted at one week intervals over 4 weeks.

The treatment is easily tolerable with minimal discomfort and a mild warming sensation in the nail bed. There is no post treatment discomfort.  You can even paint your nails immediately after the laser treatment session if you wish!

The medical laser works as a photo-thermal effect mechanism, heating the irradiated fungal cells.  Exposure to repetitive increases in temperature cause the fungi to cease reproduction and growth.  This non-invasive treatment causes the fungal cell proteins to become denatured and die.  Clearing of the nails occurs as fresh, new nails grow. 


Clear nails will generally start to be visible 3-6 months after treatment.  A complete nail growth cycle usually takes 9-10 months to complete.  Future growth cycles will show even healthier, clearer nails, growing free of fungal infection.