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Bunions and Hammer Toe Care


If you have a bump on the side of your foot, it could be a bunion.  Bunions are often hereditary, and can be caused by tight shoes or those worn for fashion over comfort. 


A bunion is caused by a swollen bursa of the big toe that occurs because of the hallux valgus – an abnormally positioned or laterally displaced toe.  This results in the big toe pointing inwards towards the other toes and the joint at the base of the big toe bulging outwards.  Bunions can be very painful and pressure from shoes can aggravate the condition.

Hammer Toes
A hammer toe occurs due to an imbalance between two opposing muscle tendons which results in a deformed, claw shaped toe.
Bunions and Hammer Toes are deformities of toe joints which often result in pain, discomfort, and difficulty fitting into regular footwear. Issues can be addressed through prescribed devices for the affected toes, footwear technical advice and design innovations. Prescription orthotics can help.

The foot is a delicate structure.  The use of a custom orthotic device with appropriate footwear can lead to sustain relief for these types of conditions.  Hammer toes, corns and bunions can be effectively treated at our clinic.  For certain foot fitting issues such as “bunions” we offer specialty footwear and sandals at a reasonable cost. As a health provider our services and products are tax exempt!

Don’t ignore bunions or hammer toes as treatment is conservative and minor in the early stages. Come to the Wilson Health Foot Clinic for assessment, treatment and orthotics.