Foot Health Clinic

Arthritis foot treatment Burlington couple

Experience exceptional medical foot assessment and treatment at the Wilson Foot Health Clinic. 


Owner, Peter Wilson, is a registered Chiropodist and foot specialist with over 33 years of clinical experience.  New patients are welcome and no referral is necessary.





Many forms of arthritis including rheumatoid and osteoarthritis frequently manifest themselves in the foot and can be managed with a combination of specialized (soft) orthotic therapy, debridement of corns and calluses and custom footwear.


Neurological and Circulatory Disorders –

These diseases and their complications in the foot can be treated to relieve symptoms using combinations of therapies mentioned previously.


Sports Medicine

Recreational and more serious participants involved with running or other sports can be assessed for gait anomalies, biomechanical and foot functional problems and treated for sports related injuries to the foot and ankle.