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Flat feet treatment of tennis player in Ontario
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Wilson Foot Health Clinic flat feet treatment in Burlington

Flat Feet

Custom Foot Orthotics

At the Wilson Foot Health Clinic, we often see patients that suffer from Flat Foot (Pes Planus).  This is a condition where there is no support in the arch, so the whole sole of the foot is flat and makes contact with the ground.

Causes of flat feet can vary from improper foot biomechanics to congenital situation disease.  Sometimes excessive weight can cause flat feet. 

Having flat feet causes improper alignment, so the muscles in that area must strain when walking or running. The arch of the foot normally acts as a spring mechanism to absorb shock as the foot takes steps, taking strain off the knee and hip.  When the arch is not acting as a torque and shock absorbing mechanism, it causes the muscles and ligaments in the arch area to become overstrained, tired and tender.

To compensate, custom corrective orthotics are usually needed.  At the Wilson Foot Health Clinic, we specialize in prescribing custom foot orthotics.  Peter Wilson is a register Chiropodist and foot specialist who teaches assessing and prescribing orthotics to other health professionals.  Our top quality orthotics are designed to give patients the best outcome and results. 


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