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Ingrown toenail treatment in BurlingtonCall the Wilson Foot Health Clinic for treatment of ingrown toenails. 


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Ingrown Toe Nails

An ingrown toe nail occurs when the edge of the toenail grows into the surrounding skin.  This is often caused by footwear that is too tight, causing pressure in the toe area.  The toenail pierces the skin along the sides of the toe, putting pressure on the nerves and causing a shooting pain.  Ingrown toe nails can also be a result of toe misalignment, foot hypermobility or hereditary factors.

Treatment for ingrown toenails is simple and painless at the Wilson Foot Health Clinic.  We can treat mildly ingrown nails with therapeutic buffing, clipping and topical medication to give you fast pain relief. Ingrown toenails will usually not improve on its own and the offending nail pieces must be removed.  Infection can occur if the problem is not dealt with.  If the area around the toenail is painful, swollen, red with pus/blisters, then the area is probably infected.    In this case, the patient may require local anesthesia or antibiotics in addition to the treatment.




Nail Surgery

Toenails that are severely ingrown may require nail surgery to correct.  The offending nail piece will be removed and the problem will not recur after a surgery.  The procedure is done in office under local anesthesia.  The surgery is relatively simple and is a permanent solution for chronically infected ingrown toenails.  Pain relief will be immediate, with minimal post-surgery discomfort.  You will be able to walk after the procedure.

Once your ingrown toenail is treated, future problems can be avoided by trimming the toenails straight across (not curved at the edges) and wearing footwear that allows enough room around the toe area.