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Corns & Calluses

Foot Skin Conditions

Corns and calluses on the feet are hardened and thickened skin that result from pressure points and repeated friction. These yellow colored, pea sized bumps can be very painful, but can be removed without discomfort – usually giving immediate relief.

The corns generally occur when a bone in the foot is wedged into a shoe where excess pressure occurs or where the shoe constantly rubs against the joint or bony prominence.  The body responds by forming a thickening layer of the outer skin to create a protective covering. These callus – like bumps can cause discomfort and should be treated.  from pressure points in the foot, or friction and sometimes due to a dermatological issue. These can be removed without discomfort, usually giving immediate relief.


Any associated functional or anatomical foot health issues are managed with a variety of therapeutic modalities including physical therapies, footwear technical advice and prescribed orthotic therapy depending on the case.

Treatment options include a variety of therapeutic modalities, like increasing the internal cushioning or scraping away the thickened skin (painless debridement).  After assessment and treatment, padding may be applied and proper footwear and possibly orthotic therapy may be recommended to redistribute the excessive pressure from those affected areas.

The Wilson Foot Health Clinic offers quick, painless solutions for treating corns and calluses.  Make an appointment today – no referral is necessary.